Measles outbreak in Washington—protect yourself and your family

February 13, 2019 / By Dr. Mary Engrav, Medical Director, Molina Healthcare of Washington

Measles outbreak in Washington—protect yourself and your family

Measles is a serious disease that produces a rash and high fever, may cause diarrhea and lung infection, and can even affect the brain.

  • As of February 11, 2019, 53 people have been diagnosed with measles in Clark County. Reports show that 47 of these were not vaccinated.
  • As of February 11, 2019, one case of measles has been reported in King County, in someone who may have been exposed to the disease in Vancouver, Washington.


No virus spreads more easily as measles.
You can contract measles from an infected person who sneezes, coughs or even breathes near you. Children under five, adults over 20, pregnant women and people in poor health are at the highest risk of experiencing serious problems with the measles.


Stay safe. Get vaccinated now.
No matter where in Washington you live, it’s not too late to get your measles shot. Call your provider to ask about who in your family should get the vaccine.


Think you may have the measles?
If you have a rash but aren’t sure if you have the measles, please take one of these actions:

  • Contact Molina Virtual Urgent Care at or (844) 870-6821, TTY 711. This is free.* Talk to a doctor or nurse practitioner from your home, 24/7. No appointment is needed. Connect by 2-way video chat on your smartphone, tablet or computer. A virtual care provider can determine if you have signs of the measles.
  • Call your primary care provider to schedule an appointment or go to an urgent care walk-in clinic. Please call before going so that other people in the waiting room are not exposed to you, in case you do have the measles.


To learn more about the measles and the outbreak in Washington, please visit:


*Virtual Care is free to Molina Apple Health (Medicaid) members in Washington State. The service is offered by contracted providers. Rates for internet and cell phone use may apply.

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