Becoming a Mental Health Ally

August 09, 2021 / Molina Healthcare

Becoming a Mental Health Ally

The ongoing pandemic has impacted the mental health of many people across the country, and those with pre-existing mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety, may be experiencing exacerbated symptoms. Everyone can benefit from learning more about how to manage their own mental health, as well as how to be an ally to others.

Educating our employees

Through Molina’s partnership with Psych Hub, the world’s most comprehensive multimedia platform for mental health education, Molina has offered employees the opportunity to become a Certified Mental Health Ally. Through this program, employees discovered ways to support mental health in the workplace and in their communities. The Mental Health Ally certification program included an 8-module training program via iLearn. During the course, employees learned about important mental health topics and acquired actionable skills to help others during difficult times. 

To find out more about the certification program, check out this video from PsychHub. 

Supporting our members

Through Molina’s partnership with Psych Hub, we have access to many helpful tools. We encourage our members to take advantage of these free resources available on the Psych Hub website, including educational videos on anxiety and depression, meditations for stress, tips for managing grief and loss, as well as guidance on supporting loved ones in recovery from addiction.

We’re in this together

Mental health challenges are prevalent in our current social climate, and it takes a collective effort to reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues. As more and more people become educated on these issues, those who need help will be more likely to find the courage to ask for it. We encourage you to take this opportunity to learn more.

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