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YES, You Can! Quit Smoking Program

Passport members can join our YES, You Can! Quit Smoking Program.

To join you must be over age 18 and not pregnant.

Once you join, you can get:

  • A 90-day (12 weeks) supply of smoking cessation medicines without prior approval.

    These medicines may include:
    1. - Chantix (2/day)
      - Nicotine Gum (24/day)
      - Nicoderm CQ Patches (1/day)
  • Personal coaching and counseling to help you along the way.

For more information about YES, You Can!, please call 1-877-903-0082, press 0, then press 8366. When you call, leave a message saying you want to join the YES, You Can! program. One of our Care Connectors will call you back and enroll you in the program.

Telephone Quit Lines

You may call these phone numbers for free one-on-one help and information.
  • Cancer Information Service Quit Line:
    1-800-4-CANCER (1-800-422-6237)

  • American Lung Association Freedom From Smoking Quit Line:
    1-800-LUNG-USA (1-800-586-4872)

Computer On-line Help

If you have access to a computer with the internet, visit these free websites for help and information.

Stop Smoking Classes

  • In Jefferson County, you may call the Stop Line at (502) 574-STOP/ (502) 574-7867
    for information about stop smoking classes.
  • If you live in another county, you may call your local health department for information about stop smoking classes in your area.

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